Dyarlgarro Beeliar - Bradley Kickett Artwork

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  1. This is a painting of the Canning River. The River winds through Perth's South-East suburbs and changes through the year. This is a depiction in spring when the water is still high and the wildflowers are all out. It shows where the river narrows considerably, but still has river beds and is wide enough to go kayaking'

Bradley Kickett is a local Noongar artist. Kickett's style of art is abstract, with paintings based up an aerial (drone) view and then illustrated in a fluid style that he developed over the last three years. 

All artworks are matte framed, and personally autographed 'Yombich' - Kickett's ancestral name. These artworks also include a black frame for display purposes.  

Image size: 21cmx30cm

Frame size:30cmx42cm

Black Frame Size: 34cmx46.5cm