Coffee Body Scrubs - Botanical Bod Australia

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Treat your skin to a coffee body scrub! Skin benefits include:

- Improved circulation 

-Removal of dead/dry skin

- Reduced cellulite

These scrubs come in two scents; Peppermint and Coconut


Roasted ground coffee blend, brown sugar cane, coconut oil, pink Himalayan rock salt, almond oil, pacific sea salt, celtic sea salt, Australian peppermint leaf crushed, jojoba oil, peppermint essential oil, natural vitamin E, p-anisic acid (natural).


Roasted coffee blend, coffee blend - medium, pink Himalayan rock salt, brown sugar cane, coconut desiccated, coconut oil, pacific sea salt, Celtic sea salt, almond oil, coffee blend - medium dark, Shea butter, coconut fragrance, Australian jojoba oil, lime essential oil, natural vitamin E, p-anisic acid (natural).